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Supporting Organizations

Able-agOn behalf of ABLE, I would like to congratulate you on the ORDI initiative. This young organization under your leadership will surely grow into an International body representing the needs of patients afflicted with rare diseases.  I am aware that ORDI is carefully crafting a unique path for growth without losing the focus or attention to patients who are not part of the block buster drug development model. For doing this, one needs courage and a tough mental resolve to serve the people and serve the needs of patients who are disbursed

globally in small numbers but need medical attention.

ABLE will be happy to lend any support that is needed for the growth of ORDI. On behalf of ABLE and my Executive Committee, I would like to wish you and your dedicated team the very best with respect to the tireless efforts in building ORDI and bringing it to this stage today.

– Dr. P.M.Murali- President ABLE

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